Department of Architectural Design

                                                    Faculty of Engineering Sciences

                                               Department of Architectural Design

Head of department:

  Tamás Czigány DLA


  University associate professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 613 518




Research profile:

-          Abstract mapping

-          Residence building design

-          Public building design

-          Complex design

-          Interior design

-          Design theory


Applied Methods / Special tools:

-          Theory: lecture

-          Practice: planning exercises, studio work, personal consultations, presentation evaluations, graphical processing (manual and computational), mock-up preparation

-          Others: creative weeks, creative camps, exhibitions, student design tenders

-          Plotter: A1

-          Scanner: A4/A3

-          Special modelling tools: multifunctional drill-cutter, drilling press, router table, dust collector, orbital sander, circular saw, rotary table grinder, table jigsaw



-          Architectural design




Contract research:


Széchenyi István University Architect Studio House

-          Year of realization: 2008

-          Architect designers:        Attila Bodrossy DLA, university associate professor, Tamás Czigány DLA, University associate professor

-          Prizes: “Prize for the architecture of the county” 2008, „Media Architecture Prize” 2009



abstract mapping, residence building design, public building design, industrial architecture design, complex design, Indoor design, design theory



Levelező oktatás kontaktóráinak időpontja 2018. február 23. 00:00 - 2018. február 24. 01:00
MÉK Szalagavató 2018. február 24. 19:00 - 23:00
Winter Seminar 2018- Media and Democracy 2018. február 26. 00:00 - 2018. március 2. 01:00


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