Career Advantage course

Career Advantage course

The course was launched in collaboration with Prof. Downey, emeritus professor Texas Christian University (TX, USA) in 2013. The mission of the Career Advantage course is to provide highly motivated, elite university students with the ability to transition successfully from a university culture to a business culture.

How doesCareer Advantage course work?

Leading organizations (i.e. including both multinational and local companies) develop projects that are outsourced to a team of elite university students. The teams are consulting groups. Organizations are clients.

The university recruits the student teams and provides elective credit and/or completion certificates for the students. The university also handles all financial activities of the program.

How does Career Advantage help students transition to the business culture? Elite students:

  • Embrace the culture of real world organizations where deadlines matter, communication skill are critical, self-discipline is vital.
  • Integrate knowledge acquired in classes taught in isolation, and embrace a real world that is not divided into marketing, management, finance, etc.
  • Seek the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to work in a language other than Hungarian. The language of the class is English.
  • Embrace team work where team members succeed together or fail together.
  • Embrace providing and receiving constructive criticism from other team members




Contact: Dr. Dőry Tibor PhD

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