Széchenyi Duo tender

Széchenyi Duo grant for prototype building

The competition based program (launched in 2009) provides funding for professor-students teams of the Széchenyi István University (about 3.500 euros in total in each semester) for prototype building in a specific way:

  • eligible proposers need to form a team of minimum two members – at least one student and one professor
  • prize is given for any novel idea that result a tangible prototype, invention, simulation, know-how , sketch or design from the disciplinary area of the university.

So far more than 100 students submitted an application and three teams in each semester won funding for building their prototype.

The advantages of program are the following:

  • stimulation of invention and innovation activity
  • supporting teamwork,
  • stimulation of projectthinking,
  • engaging students in development activities,
  • supporting of knowledge transfer from professors towards student teams,
  • implementation of a tangible prototype.

Kontakt: Bernadett Bella

Telefon: +36 (96) 613-734




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