Physical Education and Sports Centre

Petz Lajos Institute of Health and Social Studies

                                             Physical Education and Sports Centre

Head of Centre:

 Tamás Gyömörei


 Physical Education Teacher

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 455




Research profile:

- Examination of fitness condition, risk factor check-up in the circle of university students and employees

- Lifestyle survey, fitness examinations, risk factor check-up in the circle of leisure-time athletes, organized by the university sport club

- Sport financing and source utilization, governmental role in Hungarian sport, the economic effects of the sport sector on macro- and micro levels


Applied Methods / Special tools:

- Indirect ergometry

- Spiroergometry

- Anthropometry (physique, body composition)

- Motoric tests (Leger-Lamber test, sit & reach test, Flamingo-test, hand grasping power test)

- Interviews, cost-benefit analyses, impact assessments



- Fitness examinations and consultancy (lifestyle and nutrition)

- Performance and power diagnostics for leisure-time and first-class sportsmen

- Training load-advice, preparing a training plan




Research project:


“Lifestyle programmes, training for health and forming approach”
Code Number: TÁMOP-6.1.2/A/09/1



fitness condition, lifestyle, fitness level, performance-increase, prevention, sport financing, governmental-local authority roles, source involvement-utilization



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