Career Advantage project descriptions - spring 2015


Title: Enterprise Networking Market Assessment for Mature and Growth Markets

Issue: Enterprise Networks are very critical for a successful global business; what is the overall market trend for the future.

Assumptions: Enterprise Networks will continue to evolve and grow.

Key Questions: How do the following emerging technologies impact the network market - DAS/PON (Distributed Antenna System/Passive Optical Network), Software Defined Network (SDN) and other emerging technologies? What is the 5-10 year outlook?



Title: Knowledge Management Process for Supply Chain Management Knowledge Workers

Issue:  Supplier Chain Management Professionals in BTO are knowledge workers and it is very challenging to get them to pro-actively share knowledge with the practice. Therefore, the overall knowledge management process suffers.

Assumptions:  I assume there are a number of things that contribute to this including lack of time, lack of motivation, personal attributes, collaborative culture, available tools, functionality of tools, processes, policies, etc.

Key Questions: What knowledge tools and processes fit best with BTO supply chain management practices? What is the risk to the employee for sharing knowledge with the practice and team? What steps are critical to be successful?  Which BTO companies are leading in this area? What are the benchmarks and success indicators? What knowledge is critical to manage and share? What kind of knowledge sharing activities should employees be involved in externally? (ie. white papers, blogs, etc.) and why? What are the best companies' employees doing to share knowledge externally, if at all?  How and why for all of the above if applicable?  We would like to know the step by step best practices, success stories, and proven facts.



Title: Nestlé employer brand – brand building consulting

Short description: Nestlé would like to sharpen its Employer image, to cater towards graduates and young talent. In this endeavour, Nestlé would like to ask for consultative advice from CA Program students based on a study conducted amongst their peers.

The study shall cover the following broad points, with focuses on issues that arise during the research process:

  • What makes a company a desirable employer for young people?
  • What is the opinion of young people about Nestlé as an employer?
    • What gaps, potential issues arise and how best to address them?
  • What are young people looking for in a first job/internship? How to best cater to their needs?
  • What communication channels (Below the line, BTL) could be used to reach this demographic and how to utilize them to full effect?
  • How could an FMCG company (like Nestlé) attract more male professionals?
  • What information are young people interested in at job fairs?



Title: Sponsoring of commercial vehicles manufacturing companies

How the sponsoring helps to promote company business, motivation, contribution


  • Set up benchmark company list, OEM (big 5 Daimler, Volvo, Iveco, Scania, MAN), TIER1 suppliers (ZF, DANA, Meritor)
  • Search for amount of general % of the sales, and different areas, so how much the companies pays for sponsoring
  • Define sponsoring methods areas, as Sport, Art, Social Movements etc
  • Create study share of different methods
  • Examine how they use sponsoring for new technology, product introduction
  • Determine what is the long, short term strategies
  • Create one full case, especially Raba customer, eg. Volvo
  • Run study how the sponsoring changed in last 30 years, impact event eg. 2008 crisis, intro of Internet



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