Company projects – Fall 2014


Title: „Industrie 4.0: The contribution of academic cooperation between Széchenyi István University (SZE) and Audi Hungaria to future smart factory”.

Short description: The goal of the initiative is to make the compatibility and the understanding between higher education and the business world better and more effective. The above concept made by the German government called ‘Industrie 4.0’ should be introduced and examined by students.



Title: “Sponsoring of commercial vehicles manufacturing companies”

Short description: How the sponsoring helps to promote company, motivation, contribution?



Title: “NESCAFÉ 3in1 youth recruitment strategy”

Short description: Research the Hungarian caffeinated beverages market for the 15-29 age bracket. Analyse successful youth recruitment approaches in the caffeinated beverages market. Identify areas where coffee could present an alternative. Develop a comprehensive approach to recruit young people to the coffee category in general but with an emphasis on NESCAFÉ 3in1.



Title: “How PwC Hungary can make an advantage from the ‘sharing economy’?“

Short description: The goal of the project is to find practical and viable answers to these two questions:

- how can PwC build consulting products based on these new concepts? (What would be the product, what is the market for it, why is it interesting for the clients, how to sell etc.)

- how can PwC use these concepts in its consulting practice internally?



Title: Worldwide Office Supplies Procurement

Short description:
Issue: How Office Supplies Procurement is executed by a global company
Assumptions:  Office Supplies Procurement is an important area for a Global company
Key Questions: How is Office Supplies Procurement for a global company conducted? How is tracked? What tools/models are used? How does the Office Max/Office Depot merger impact Office Supplies Procurement?



Title: Corporate Education/Training

Short description:
Issue: How is education and training conducted within a global company by employees
Assumptions:  Education and Training is performed within a company by employees. 
Key Questions: How is education/training conducted? How is it tracked? What tools/models are used? What are levels assigned? How is post training/education impact (perhaps after 30/60/90 days) measured?  What tools/models/concepts are used today?



Title: Global Application/Usage of "Virtual Card" Payment Process for Business Travel

Short description:
Issue: How can Virtual Card payment process for Business Travel be used by a global company
Assumptions: Virtual Card payment for Business Travel is an important opportunity area for a Global company
Key Questions: How might "Virtual Cards" be used? What are the benefits? What are the challenges to implementation and usage? What are other global companies doing in this area?



Nyári záróvizsga időszak 2019. június 19. 00:00 - 2019. június 28. 19:00
IX. Nemzetközi Mikroalga Szimpózium 2019. június 25. 00:00 - 2019. június 26. 01:00
Diplomaátadó ünnepély -MÉK 2019. június 28. 10:00 - 11:00
Vizsgaidőszak vége 2019. június 29.
Diplomaátadó ünnepély -DFK 2019. június 29. 10:00 - 11:00


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