Department of Automation

                                                    Faculty of Engineering Sciences

                                                      Department of Automation

Head of department:

  Dr. Péter Keresztes


  University associate professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 462




Research profile:

-          Certification of safety of railway transport systems

-          Power-supply of railway transport systems

-          PLC based industrial control systems

-          Industrial applications of microcontrollers

-          Fuzzy-communication of mobile robots

-          Research of intelligent assistant robots

-          Design and application of delay-insensitive logic circuits

-          Computational intelligence methods and their applications

-          FPGA applications in high-speed control systems

-          VLSI circuit design

-          Electric drives and energy feedback in mobile vehicles

-          Application of resonant converters

-          Research of applications of  IT in automation and power electronics


Applied Methods / Special tools:

-          Applications of SPICE and similar network-analysis/simulator

-          Applications of VHDL hardware-description language and simulation system

-          Applications of ISE FPGA development-environment

-          Applications of PLC development-systems

-          Applications of different MATLAB tool-boxes

-          Applications of MP-LAB microcontroller development system and environment

-          Applications of network analyzer for analysis of energy-supply systems

-          Applications of C, C++ languages in  electrical engineering

-          Applications of E-PLAN CAD system

-          MATLAB fuzzy-logic toolbox

-          V-SYSTEM simulation system

-          Xilinx ISE 10.1

-          MP-LAB IDE v8.20

-          E-PLAN CAD  system

-          CM3350 network analyzer

-          Software packages and tools for development of different PLC systems





Research projects:

1. GVOP-3.2.2.-2004-07-0020/30

Type: GVOP

Aim: To research and develop electronic control systems and test-processes

Tasks, performed by the Department: ASIC design, application of microcontrollers,  PLC

control-systems, image-processing systems, DC electric drives, and automatic seat assembling technology in new generation  of cars

Duration: 2004-2007

Project partner: Lear Corporation Hungary Ltd.


2. GOP-2007-112-MT F2.4

Type: GOP (Operational Programme for Developing the Economy)

Aim: To research and develop microelectronic devices in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Tasks, performed by the Department: Applications of Web and GSM based PLC systems, to research control systems in robot technology, application of microcontrollers and to design delay-insensitive and low power logical circuits

Duration: 2007-2010

Project partners: Cooperation Research Center, VILL-Age Ltd., Wittmann Ltd.


3. TIOP-1.3.1-07/1-2F-2008-0003

Type: TIOP

Aim: To research fuzzy communication of mobile robots

Tasks, performed by the Department: Providing multidisciplinary technical training-research and infrastructure development

Duration: 2007-2010


4. HUNOROB 0045/NA/2006-2/ÖP-9


Aim:  Application of  research-based innovation methods  in robot technologies

Tasks, performed by the Department: Elaboration of environmental sound and competitive robot technologies; Hungarian-Norwegian research cooperation

Duration: 2007-2010

Project partners: Hungarian Academy of Science – Computer and Automation Research Institute (MTA-SZTAKI), Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Narvik University College PPM AS, Trondheim, Norway



Type: IKTA

Aim: To design and implementation of   emulated digital CNN processor  array

Tasks, performed by the Department: Register-, gate- and switch-level architectural design and simulation, LAYOUT design.

Duration: 2001-2005

Project partners: Hungarian Academy of Science – Computer and Automation Research Institute (MTA-SZTAKI), Pázmány Péter Catholic University


6. Performance electronic and applied informatics researches

Aim: To cooperate in the specified areas of science between Romanian and Hungarian researchers

Tasks, performed by the Department: Creating common publications with Romanian researchers

Duration: 2002-2005

Project partners: Kolozsvár Technical University


7. OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) K75711

Type: OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund)

Aim: To develop computational intelligence algorithms, systems and models focused on fuzzy rule-based models and learning algorithms

Tasks, performed by the Department: Application of bacterial memetic algorithms, interpolative fuzzy systems and fuzzy signatures

Duration: 2009-2012


8. TÉT P-3/07 

Type: TÉT

Aim: To research methods of model identification  and algorithms

Tasks, performed by the Department: Defining a bacterial memetic algorithm, identifying fuzzy and neural network based models

Duration: 2008-2009

Project partner: Algarve University, Portugal


Contract research:


1. SIEMENS-METRO interlocking system

Type: Industrial commission

Aim: To reconstruct the interlocking system of METRO lines 2,  4, and to certificate the technical safety of these systems.

Tasks, performed by the Department: To analyse the technical safety report,  to check the consistency of  the defined security criteria

Duration: 2005-2010

Client: Budapest Transport Ltd.


2. Modernization and remote control of the MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) Szabadszállás-Kiskunhalas-Kiskunfélegyháza-Kistelek electric substations

Type: Industrial commission

Aim: To design and implement remote control and remote monitoring

Tasks, performed by the Department: Designing as expert subcontractor

Duration: 2008-2009

Principals: Prolan Inc., Hoermann Inc., Schauer Ltd., R-Traffic Ltd.



Type: Industrial commission

Aim: To develop equipment suitable for testing the ALLISON hydraulic system

Tasks, performed by the Department: Designing and implementing

Duration: 2008

Principals: General Motors, TOMOVILL Ltd., Universitas-Győr Non-profit Ltd.



Railway interlocking systems, technical safety, industrial control systems, microcontrollers, fuzzy communication of mobile robots, VLSI design, logic circuits, computational intelligence, electric drives, resonant converters



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