Department of Economic Analyses

Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics

                                                Department of Economic Analyses

Head of department:

  Dr. Éva Szalka


  University associate professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 400 /3069




Research profile:

-          Analysis of macroeconomic processes

-          Financial planning, analysis

-          Market analysis

-          Behavioural finance

-          Investment risk assumption

-          Financial planning, analysis

-          Local authority finances, communal economics

-          Company valuation, project evaluation

-          Assessment of financial services

-          Limits of accepting the international accountancy standards in the European Union

-          European accountancy specifications, applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises. (IFRS-SME, Small-Business Act, etc.)

-          Quality differences of the application of international accountancy specifications in different European countries

-          Methodology of spatial analysis

-          Spatial statistics


Applied Methods / Special tools:

-          Computational data analysis



-          Technical analysis of the stock market




Research projects:


1. Potential local resources of the local governments

Type: Post-doctoral research

Aim: To reveal the role of the local sources financing the local governments; to describe and model the major theoretical connections; to critically analyse the actual Hungarian practice and delineating solution alternatives concerning the source involvement strategy of the local governments across the country

Duration: 2008-2009


2. Methods of spatial analysis and its applications

Type: Post-doctoral research

Aim: Analysis of the various types and concepts of distance and space and the special methods of analysis of distances and spaces. Spatial investigations require either special research methods or spatial adaptation of aspatial techniques.

Duration: 2009-2012


3. Distance and space in economics

Type:OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund)

Aim: Systematic analysis of the various types of distance and space used in economic model building and the effect of the space view on the applicability of theories.

Duration: 2010-2012


Contract research:


1. The effect of budgetary and monetary policy on the insurance market

Type: Insurance company commission

Aim: To create an impact assessment

Tasks, performed by the Department: Creating a theoretical summary, analysing data, modelling

Duration: 2008

Client: AVIVA Insurer Inc.


2. The consumer behaviour and life insurance

Type: Insurance company commission

Aim: To create an impact assessment

Tasks, performed by the Department: Creating a theoretical summary and questionnaire survey, modelling

Duration: 2008

Client: AVIVA Insurer Inc.


3. Measurement and analysis of the insurance market

Type: Official commission

Aim: To create an impact assessment

Tasks, performed by the Department: Creating a theoretical analysis, analysing data, modelling

Duration: 2010

Client: Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH)


4. Financial planning and analysis, scenario analysis of the practicality of a new project from the financial perspective

Type: ILSA commission

Aim: To promote goodwill and to examine the sector

Duration: 2009

Client: ILSA - International Lean Sigma Association



macroeconomic processes, financial planning, market analysis, computational data analysis, financial planning and analysis, goodwill, behaviour finances, local government finances, company valuation, international accountancy specifications, investment risk assumption, stock market, spatial analysis



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