Department of Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

                                         Department of Environmental Engineering

Head of department:

  Dr. Miklós Bulla


  University associate professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 453




Research profile:

-          Development of complex environmental state assessment methods

-          Development of complex environmental management methods

-          Sustainability assessment of regional improvements

-          Assessment of national strategic development plans

-          Development of waste management methods

-          Modelling of environmental processes with Soft Computing methods

-          Development of complex building energetic system



Applied Methods / Special tools:

-          Building energetic analyses

-          Noise level measurement: preparing noise map

-          Geographical raster analyses

-          ARC VIEW / ARC GIS, Spatial Analyst

-          IMMI noise mapping software

-          WinWatt stork

-          RION-20

-          RION-21

-          Stereo microscope

-          Microscope (4 pieces)

-          Microscope-21

-          Microscope BIM-136B



-          Preparing analyses, evaluations (main topics: soil, water, air protection, environmental protection, waste management, energy, renewable energies, environmental technologies, as well as complex environmental status assessments, environment protection programmes, geoinformatical analyses etc.)

-          Solving practical problems (e.g., energy, waste management, cleaner production within the circle of environment management, noise level measurement, preparing noise maps, etc.)

-          Advising, giving support, connected to environmental protection/environmental technological projects of companies (examination of waste management, air-, water protection systems, optimization, energy re-examination)

-          Advising, giving support in the field of environmental protection system solutions of companies (construction, examination and optimization of environmental management systems)

-          Advising, giving support in the field of questions relating to corporate social responsibility (building strategy)




Research projects:


1. Modelling of environmental processes with Soft Computing methods

Type: OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund)

Aim: To model environmental processes with numeric, fuzzy methods, and develop a prototype of environment analysis method

Tasks, performed by the Department: Summarizing environmental status assessment methods, exploring the modelling methods of the transport of waste pollution, conservational biological modelling with cellular automaton methods

Duration: 2003-2006

Project partners: Széchenyi István University - Department of Automation, Széchenyi István University - Department of Mathematics and Computational Sciences, Széchenyi István University - Department of Physics and Chemistry


2. Environment Evaluation Programme (KÉP)

Type: Commission of the MTA (Hungarian Academy of Science) and the KvVM (Ministry of Environment and Water):

Aim: To establish a methodological development conception for the complex assessment of the environmental state of Hungary

Tasks, performed by the Department: Defining the indicators of sustainable development, matching the indicators of sustainable development with the environmental status assessment

Duration: 2004-2007

Project partners: Hungarian Academy of Science, Ministry of Environment and Water


3. Country strategy, evaluation of the situation (the strategy of liveable environment)

Type: Commission of the Ministry of Environment and Water

Aim: To analyse and assess the national strategic development plans, create a proposal for further work

Tasks, performed by the Department: Assessment of the state of the natural environment, the economic activity, state involvement, examination of the effects of environmental protection developments

Duration: 2005

Project partners: Ministry of Environment and Water



Type: EU FP-6

Aim: To create sustainable regional developments through the cooperation of regions

Tasks, performed by the Department: Development of planning and assessment indicators of the sustainability of regional development, testing the implementation of concrete development sample programmes

Duration: 2005-2008

Project partners: Interdisciplinary Center for Comparative Research in Social Sciences (ICCR); Vienna Science and Technology Fund; Western Regional Development Agency; Slovak Academy of Sciences (IF-SAV), Slovakia; Bratislava Region, Slovakia; Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche Comparative en Sciences Sociales (CIR), France; Mairie de Paris (MdP), France; Foundation for European Scientific Cooperation (FEWN), Poland; Lublin Region, Poland; The Polish Foundation of Opportunities Industrialization Centre (OIC), Poland; Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS), Estonia; University of Manchester, UK; Technology Foundation Berlin (TSB), Germany


5. „Waste management, without limits”


Aim: To develop and disseminate waste management methods

Tasks, performed by the Department: Waste management, assessment of actual and future legal regulations, defining tasks, examination of waste management solutions, distribution of waste management knowledge

Duration: 2010-2011

Project partner: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


6. Sustainability development of regional use and development of the environment (methodological development of Strategic Environmental Examination)

Type: Internal Research Principal Direction

Aim: To develop a complex environmental status assessment methodology and integrated environment protection project management methodology, helping the application of it

Tasks, performed by the Department: Complete the aims of the project

Duration: 2009-2011


Contract research:


1. Development of Building energetic Expert System ENERGOPT

Type: Industrial commission

Aim: To develop a complex building energetics system, aimed at energy-saving and supporting engineering decision-making

Tasks, performed by the Department: Creating and building a physics knowledge base and action plan

Duration: 2010-2012

Partners: Széchenyi István University - Department of Mathematics and Computational Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Department of Building Energetics and Building Engineering


2. Development of integrated complex professional method, aimed at the increasing the efficiency of Environment protection projects ENVIPROM

Type: Industrial commission

Aim: To create a complex environmental protection project management methodology and benchmark database

Tasks, performed by the Department: Creating a best practise database of environment projects, laying the foundation of the methodology bases of an integrated environmental protection project management method, creating prototype method and algorithmic web surface

Duration: 2010-2012

Partners: Audi Hungaria Motor Ltd., Audi Academia Hungaria Ltd.



environmental state assessment, modelling environmental processes, sustainability assessment, waste management methods, building energetic system, project management method



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