Department of International and Theoretical Economics

Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics

                               Department of International and Theoretical Economics

Head of department:

Dr. Miklós Losoncz


Jean Monnet professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 400 /3017




Research profile:

-          Transnational companies

-          Economic and social development in Asia

-          National and ethnic minorities in Europe

-          Hungarian foreign policy

-          Jewishness in Hungary

-          Civilization studies

-          Theoretical issues of macroeconomics

-          The condition of the Hungarian human-capital stock

-          Ecological economics

-          Hungarian economic history of the 20th century

-          Hermeneutics

-          Price theory

-          Competition policy

-          Measurement of market power

-          Monetary macroeconomics, monetary policy

-          Endogenous money theories

-          Modelling of business decisions and processes

-          Complex corporate financial planning and analysis and controlling

-          Ecological footprint

-          Sustainability reports

-          Corporate citizenship

-          Hungary and the EU

-          Hungarian economy and economic policy

-          The global financial and economic crisis

-          Europe 2020 strategy

-          Economic and Monetary Union


Applied Methods / Special tools:

-          Development of specific literature

-          Internet research

-          Short study trips

-          Archives

-          Multivariable statistics

-          Macroeconomic modelling

-          Computational simulation

-          Econometrical examinations

-          Business and corporate financial planning models

-          Microsoft Excel, Eviews, Winsolve, Maple, Cognos




Research project:


CURE (Corporate Culture and Regional Embeddedness)

Type: EU FP6

Aim: To promote the corporate and regional understanding of cultural values and practices

Duration: 2007-2009

Project partners: Institute for Work and Technology (DE); Cardiff University, Centre of Advanced Studies (UK); Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, (DE); Radboud University of Nijmwegen, (NL); University of Appl. Science Nothwestern Switzerland, (CH); Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (AT)



transnational companies, macroeconomics, modelling of business decisions and processes, complex corporate financial planning and analysis, controlling, ecological footprint, sustainability reports, Hungary and the EU, Hungarian economy and economic policy, global financial and economic crisis



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