Department of International Communication

Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics

                                        Department of International Communication

Head of department:

Dr. Lívia Ablonczy-Mihályka


  University associate professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 484




Research profile:

Main research area: applied linguistics

-          Intercultural communication, Communication and culture

-          Professional and organizational communication

-          Economic terminology


Applied Methods / Special tools:

Quantitative and qualitative research methods:

-          Empiric tests (questionnaire surveys)

-          Empiric tests (in-depth interviews)

-          Specialist literature search



-          Studies, analyses, preparing recommendations




Research projects:


1. OPTICOM (Optimisation of Inter-Cultural Communication & Collaboration) 2009-2011

Type: Creating the Future. Austria-Hungary Cross-border Cooperation Programme

Aim: To improve the economic cooperation of the Austro-Hungarian frontier regions

Background: In the project region 20.000-30.000 enterprises and several public institutions take part in the cooperation processes. The parties encounter several challenges in the course of economic cooperation; these challenges include the solving of problems caused by cultural differences. It is believed that the application of innovative cooperation and communication technologies, as well the awareness of cross-cultural differences help to optimise cross-border business relations which will result in the increase in the region’s competitiveness.

Tasks  performed by the Department:

-          Conducting background-research on the target areas. Preparing a guide with the historical, economic, cultural and political characteristics of the project areas.

-          Reviewing existing research on the cultural characteristics of the target areas, compiling quantitative and qualitative data on the cultural and communication characteristics of the target areas (questionnaire survey, interviews)

-          Performing a scholarly analysis, processing of the results

Duration: 2009-2011

Project partners: Internationalisierungscenter Steiermark (AUSTRIA); Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Győr-Moson-Sopron County; Enterprise Development Foundation of Vas County; Wirtschafstförderungsinstitut (WIFI) der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Vienna


2. Dialogue of professional, organizational and national cultures 2006-2009

Type: Széchenyi István University Internal Principal Research Line

Aim: To reveal the relationship between intercultural and organizational communication

Tasks  performed by the Department:

-          Conducting background-research on the topic of the connection of intercultural dialogue, culture and economics

-          Conducting surveys and structured in-depth interviews at companies, aiming to examine the role and interplay of the use of languages, intercultural competence and professional skills

-          Integrating the research results into the teaching curricula and syllabi of subjects, connected to professional, organizational and national cultures and communication (intercultural communication, manager communication, business negotiations, etc.)

-          Participating in joint research projects with a similar profile with national post-secondary educational institutions, institutes and organizations (e.g. Economic and Corporate Communication Inter-institutional Intellectual Workshop)


-          Education: renewed subject programmes in the BA and BSc trainings and teaching material for the subject intercultural manager communication at Master level.

-          National and foreign studies, articles: 2007: 13; 2008:15; 2009: 20

-          National conference-presentations: 2007: 4, 2008: 6, 2009: 12

-          Foreign conference-presentations: 2007: 2, 2008: 4, 2009: 5

-          Value-added connections with several foreign universities (e.g. joint volume of academic papers with Johannes Kepler University, Linz)

-          Expanded research relations

-          In the third year of the research - through the dissemination of the results – the Department was invited to participate in an international research project (OPTICOM - Optimisation of Inter-Cultural Communication & Collaboration).

Duration: 2006-2009



intercultural, cross-cultural, professional and organizational communication, economic terminology, lexicological and lexicographical research



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