Department of Regional Studies and Public Policy

Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics

                                   Department of Regional Studies and Public Policy

Head of department:

  Dr. János Rechnitzer


  University professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 405




Research profile:

-          Regional- and urban development

-          Local- and regional economic development

-          Regional policy

-          Frontier affairs

-          National and regional innovation systems, development

-          Spatial concentration of economic processes, clustering

-          Culture and local development

-          Connection of labour market and higher education

-          University-company cooperation

-          Regional programmes and evaluation of tender projects

-          Knowledge and regional development, regional processes of knowledge economy

-          Examination of settlement factors

-          The properties of Hungarian achievement of middle-class status, civil values and forms of behaviour

-          Life courses of entrepreneurs, entrepreneur successes, entrepreneurial behaviour from the beginning of the 19th century, until now and the origin and handing down of entrepreneurial knowledge

-          Forms of political value behaviour, political socialization

-          Development of the prejudice, its appearing forms and its role in societies

-          Social organizations, social cohesion

-          Environment-consciousness in Hungarian society and the forms of behaviour related to it

-          The development of social capital and its effect on ventures and school success

-          Career and life strategies of the youth of today

-          Social capital, private life values and forms and behaviour of the apprentices of today


Applied Methods / Special tools:

-          Education- and research methodology

-          Database creation, handling, analysis, data mining

-          Special computational applications: Geoinformatics, Gretl, Mapinfo, SPSS, TextPipe, Mappoint, Network softwares,

-          Moderation of workshops, brainstorming

-          Planning, arrangement of workshop activities

-          Innovation analysis

-          Input-output analysis

-          Technological foresight

-          Index calculation (regional HDI, Gini-index, Hoover-index)

-          Several decennial Archives research practice

-          Questionnaire editing and analysis practice

-          Content analysis practice

-          Planning, arrangement of focus-group conversations



-          Planning and conducting qualitative and quantitative sociological researches

-          Database handling, cleaning

-          Regional based examinations, comparative analyses

-          Preparing regional strategies

-          Network analysis, organizational researches

-          Planning, measuring the effects of social communication systems (not technical, electronic)




Research projects:


1. CURE (Corporate Culture and Regional Embeddedness)

Type: EU FP6

Aim: To promote the corporate and regional understanding of cultural values and practices

Tasks, performed by the Department: Examining the local effects of Széchenyi István University, corporate citizenship, the connection between universities and companies, and the innovation processes of Győr and its region

Duration: 2007-2009

Project partners: Institute for Work and Technology (DE); Cardiff University, Centre of Advanced Studies (UK); Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, (DE); Radboud University of Nijmwegen, (NL); University of Appl. Science Nothwestern Switzerland, (CH); Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (AT)


2. The connection of the World Wide Web and the politics

Type: The institutional research commission of the 21st century

Aim: To analyse the Internet user properties of Hungarian society and the effects it has had on the political world

Department contact: It was a condition of the invitation to tender to involve the students and to work together with them

Duration: 2000-2002


3. Careers and life-strategies in the West-Hungarian region

Type: Sociological researches having national importance

Aim: To analyse the properties and origin of the career and life-strategy of the college and university students living in the West-Hungarian region

   Department contact: The major part of the research was performed at Széchenyi István University in which the students of the Special College were involved

   Duration: 2002-2003


4. Development of human resources in the civil sector

Type: Foundation for the Hungarian higher education and research – Research scholarship

   Aim: To perform empiric research in the civil sector of North-West-Transdanubia, to analyse the similarity of the non-governmental organisations, the internal structure of the connection-network and to compare the regional differences between the operational properties of the organizations

   Duration: 2004-2006


5. The private life, communal, and political values of the youth, living in the West-Transdanubian region, studying in vocational institutes

Type: Sociological researches, having national importance

Aim: To gain a deeper knowledge of the social capital, overcoming strategies and the relation to the society of the apprentices of today

   Duration: 2008-2009


6. The scholarship of the Hannah Arendt Institute to the Berlin Wann-See Institute

   Aim: To gain knowledge of the German remembrance of culture, attaining educational practices

   Department contact: Integrating the methods attained in Berlin into the framework of different presentations

   Duration: March 2007 (one week)


7. Scholarship in the Jerusalem Yad Iron Institute

    Aim: To gain knowledge of the remembrance culture of Israel

    Department contact: Holding two six month courses - based on the knowledge, attained here - at the Kautz Gyula Special College of Széchenyi István University

    Duration: November 2008 (two weeks)


Contract research:


1. Contract research

    Type: Local authority Commission  

    Aim: To plan and to measure the communication projects of the large investments, within the framework of the ISPA, KEOP, KIOP, Interreg III.

    Duration: Continuous from 2003, as a function of the successfulness of the tenders


2. Contract research

    Type: Commission of the PTI Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science

    Aim: To gain knowledge of the human resources practice of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to reveal the financial culture of the micro- and small ventures



regional- and urban development, economic development, regional policy, frontier contacts, innovation systems, clustering, culture and local development, university-company cooperation, regional programmes and evaluation of tender projects, knowledge-based regional development, achievement of middle-class status, entrepreneur success, social capital, future prospects



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