Department of Technical Teacher Training

                                                    Faculty of Engineering Sciences

                                         Department of Technical Teacher Training

Head of department:

  Dr. Zoltán Létray


  University associate professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 684




Research profile:

-          E-learning development

-          Project management

-          Webusage, mining

-          Project support with LMS system

-          Operating LMS system

-          Use of LMS system in the teacher training

-          Project management/professional management

-          Trainer  the trainer

-          Methodology training, management training, holding trainings

-          Methodological development


Applied Methods / Special tools:

-          Use of  course editor software

-          Use of E-learning framework

-          Direction of E-learning teaching material development

-          Application of E-learning development methods

-          On-line questionnaire-editing, processing

-          SPSS and Excel data-processing

-          Use of IBM SPSS Modeller software

-          Use of IBM SPSS Statistics software

-          Preparing interactive  learning objects

-          Use of CABRI software, preparing animations / CABRI II plus

-          Configuration, operation, supervision of Moodle system

-          Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 Extended

-          Mathtype 6.5c




Research projects:


1. Development of further education teaching material for lecturers

Type: HEFOP 2008/3.5.1

Aim: To develop further education teaching material for lecturers

Tasks, performed by the Department: Selecting, assorting, and compiling the teaching material

Duration: 2007-2008

Project partner: National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education (NSZFI)


2. Development of a partner-centred self-assessment model, based on human resources development

Type: HEFOP 2004/3.3.1

Aim: To develop the EFQM self-assessment model for higher education, further education of lecturers and managers

Tasks, performed by the Department: Preparing a model, designing the on-line EFQM questionnaire, processing the on-line EFQM questionnaire, selecting,  arranging, and compiling the teaching material

Duration: 2004-2007

Project partner: College of Dunaújváros


3. Establishment of the University Knowledge-management Centre, as well as organizational developments, helping regional-level knowledge utilization and knowledge transfer at Széchenyi István University

Type: TÁMOP 4.2.1/08/01

Aim: To efficiently help and support the university employees and students – to perform innovation and research-development activities - with information and technology transfer services

Tasks, performed by the Department: Providing information technology support (Moodle), planning distance education, creating a database survey

Duration: 2009-2011


4.  Train the trainer

Type: TAMOP-4.1.2-08/1/C

Aim: To develop the e-teaching material on non-formal studies for management and conflict management methods for the target group

Tasks, performed by the Department: Developing the teaching material and methodological competences, creating practical applications for the tutorial, creating mentor tasks, holding methodological and conflict management trainings

Duration: 2009-2011


5. Teaching material development

Type: TAMOP – 4.1.2-08/1/A, B

Aim: To develop teaching material and a methodology for further education

Tasks, performed by the Department: Developing the teaching materials, holding trainings, providing methodological assistance, organizing project management

Duration: 2009-2010

Project partners: Kecskemét; University of West-Hungary Savaria University Center (NYME-SEK)


Contract research:


BME APPI EPT project

Aim: To analyse the use of the Coedu e-learning framework.

Tasks, performed by the Department:  Analysis of web logs, modelling, statistical processing

Duration: 2006-2010

Principals: Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Institute of Applied Pedagogy and Psychology (BME APPI EPT); SPSS Hungary



e-learning development, project management, project support with LMS system, project management/professional management,  train the trainer, methodological training, management training, trainings, methodological development



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