Department of Telecommunications

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

                                               Department of Telecommunications

Head of department:

  Dr. Gábor Borbély


  University associate professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 467




Research profile:

-          Standardisation, preparingcompany standards

-          Info-communication and control theory

-          Intelligent buildings

-          Professional further education of special groups

-          Analysis of topological structures, fractal analysis, wavelet analysis

-          Modelling and simulation of info-communication systems

-          Numeric analysis and programming

-          Measuring equipments and methods, procedures

-          Acoustic measurements and tests

-          Digital, multi range sound recording

-          Optical telecommunication, planning, measurement, classification of networks

-          Numeric simulation of electric and magnetic fields, material testing by EM fields

-          Designing, modelling of antennas, and antenna systems

-          Physics of condensed materials, density-functional theory

-          Electron structure calculation

-          Electrotechnical basic researches and applied research

-          Designing, measurement, classification of IP television systems

-          Designing, measurement, classification of satellite communications systems

-          Designing, classification of cable television systems

-          Radio frequency systems

-          Electromagnetic compatibility

-          Mobile telecommunication systems

-          Reliability-analysis

-          Reliability-analysis of safety-critical systems

-          Digital broadcasting

-          Designing, classification of digital broadcasting systems

-          Remote diagnostics, designing of patient surveillance systems, applications

-          Intelligent city service design

-          Measuring the transmission properties of ADSL systems with ARGUS 145+ tester

-          Classification of structured networks, based on transmission parameters

-          Classification of optical networks, power dividers and WDM filters, based on transmission parameters

-          Classification of analogue voice-type terminal equipments


Applied Methods / Special tools:

-          Circuit-simulation (analogue and digital)

-          Radio frequency measurements

-          OMNeT++ (event-driven discrete-event modelling and simulation library and framework)

-          GUIB (Graphical User Interface for Blind Persons — User interface for blinds)

-          Classification of broadcasting systems (analogue and digital), examination of reception technical parameters

-          Classification of programme distribution and CTV systems (analogue and digital), (optical and coaxial)

-          Emission measurements at radio frequency testing laboratory until 40 GHz, with advanced instrumentation, fully anechoic chamber (10×5×4 m), testing in climatic chamber –40 °C – +180 °C (60×70×80 cm)

-          Recording studio with digital instruments, mixer, multi-level digital mixing and recording possibility

-          Audio noise analyser (B&K 2260)

-          Analogue and digital cable television hub station

-          Hybrid (optical-coaxial) cable television network

-          Structured network analyser

-          Optical measuring system

-          Optical spectrum analyser, broadband optical transmitter

-          ARGUS 145+ ADSL tester

-          Kathrein MSK-33 + MVG10 sweep generator

-          Kathrein MSK-200

-          R&S®EFA40/43 Body: Receiver (DVB-T)

-          Acterna SDA 5000

-          CW-4812 ASI & QAM TS Analyzer

-          CW-4262 QAM modulator (single, with IP input)

-          CW-4971 QPSK demodulator for Quad DVB-S and DVB-S2 reception (gigabytes IP, FTA)

-          CW-4973 QAM demodulator Quad (gigabytes IP, FTA and CI)

-          CW-4976 OFDM demodulator Quad (gigabytes IP, FTA and CI)

-          CW-4951 IP Remultiplexer & Streamer Quad with four independent IP output

-          TIMS-301C PC controlled instruction system +

-          EVAL-16 KIT

-          COMSOL Multiphysics

-          High-performance computer



-          Reliability-analysis

-          Examination of telecommunication networks

-          Musical and acoustic examinations

-          Material structure tests with laser beam

-          Digital processing, packing of voice- and video signals

-          Radio frequency measurements from9 kHz to 40GHz

-          EMC advising and tests




Research projects:


1. Research tender

Type: OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) T043258

Aim: To develop soft computing computational realization with numeric algorithms

Tasks, performed by the Department: Participant

Duration: 2003-2006


2. Analysis and identification of Fuzzy systems and models

Type: OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) T048832

Aim: To completely identify the hierarchic interpolative fuzzy systems with the combination of bacterial and LM technologies, in addition to clustering that has been applied already

Tasks, performed by the Department: Consultant

Duration: 2005-2008


3. Computational intelligence algorithms, systems and models

Type: OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) K75711

Aim: To perform an e-research project aimed at fuzzy rule-base models and to investigate the learning algorithms occurring with help of different intelligent methods

Tasks, performed by the Department: Consultant

Duration: 2009-2012


Contract research:


1. Data transfer through DVB-T system

Type: Industrial commission

Aim: To configure and to programme an update of DVB-T set-top-boxes

Tasks, performed by the Department: Revealing technical options, drafting-up a system-plan, creating an operating service

Duration: 2008-2010


2. Classification of satellite-based programme-service (DVB-S2)

Type: Industrial commission

Aim: To examine the reception technology parameters and the quality properties of the programme-service

Tasks, performed by the Department: Taking visual and instrumental measurements; MPEG2-TS bitrate measurement

Duration: 2008-2009


3. Examination and modelling of cable programme- and signal forwarding systems

Type: Industrial commission

Aim: To model, design and measure the channel distribution of analogue and digital programmes

Tasks, performed by the Department: Instrumental measuring and modelling

Duration: 2007-2009


4. Computational intelligence systems (Designing self-learning algorithms for adaptive computational intelligence systems)

Type: TÉT SK-15/2006

Aim: To perform automatic pre-processing of data that is necessary for self-learning algorithms, to determine the attributes, to design the new hybrid adaptive algorithms for creating automatic knowledge-bases, to design and implement the neural networks with fuzzy sequential elements

Tasks, performed by the Department: Research project leader

Duration: 2007-2008

Project partner: Kosice Technical University



infocommunication systems, acoustic examinations, digital multi range sound recording, antennas and antenna systems, electron structure calculation, satellite communications, telecommunication networks, digital broadcasting, optical networks, radio frequency examinations, electromagnetic compatibility



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