Department of Transport

                                                    Faculty of Engineering Sciences

                                                       Department of Transport

Head of department:

  Dr. Balázs Horváth


  University associate professor

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 96 503 494




Research profile:

-          Evaluation, development and planning of public transport systems

-          Transport and traffic modelling

-          Legal and economic regulation of public transport

-          Demand responsive transport systems

-          Quality of public transport services

-          Railway operation improvements

-          Surveys on naval infrastructure

-          Transport safety researches


Applied Methods / Special tools:

-          VISUM software

-          VISSIM software

-          PC-Crash software package

-          Viriato software package

-          Open Track software package

-          Traffic count data recording appliances with data processing software



-          Surveying and evaluating the public transport system of cities, developing a concept adapted to the specific municipality

-          Planning, evaluation and development of public transport operational processes

-          Planning demand responsive transport systems

-        System approach planning, methodological development, modelling and optimisation of vehicle-turns and assigning personnel

-        Development of traffic control systems, researches towards establishing automated controlling

-        Quality management of transport service providers

-        Development of models and modelling methods required for evaluation of networks

-        Simulation modelling and effect analysis of traffic flows on railway and public road infrastructure

-        Preparing effect analyses on railway operation

-        Analysis and development of infrastructure-technology-timetable conformity

-        Traffic surveys, development of survey methods

-        Railway operation safety assessments

-        Surveys on naval infrastructure

-        Planning sea transport assignments

-        Evaluation and development of transport market regulation models, railway regionalisation




Research projects:


1. CONNECT (Coordination of concepts for new collective transport)

Type: Applied research

Aim: To carry out research in reference to a new form of public transport

Tasks performed by the Department: Analysing the potential of the business module, preparing methodological and educational material

Duration: 2002-2004

Project partners: ATAF SpA., Mobility Authority, Florence Metropolitan Area (IT); ATF Angus Transport Forum (UK); BOKU Institute for Transport Studies, University of Bodenkultur (AT); D&O Diepens and Okkema (NE); ETRA Investigación y Desarrollo, s.a. ES); ETTS European Transport and Telematics Systems Ltd (IE); ISDEFE Ingeniería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España s.a. (ES); LOC Logistik Centrum Väst AB (SE); LTCON LT Consultants Ltd (FI); MEMEX MemEx S.r.l. (IT); MSF Mobisoft Oy (FI); OGM Organisation Gestion Marketing s.a. (BE); POLIS Polis, (BE); RCAUEB Research Centre of the Athens University of Economics and Business (GR); ROSE Communications s.l. (ES); SOFTECO Softeco Sismat SpA (IT); TRG Transportation Research Group, University of Southampton (UK); TRITEL NV (BE); TUCechnical University of Crete (GR); VO Versio Oy (FI); VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (FI)



Type: Applied research

Aim: To evaluate DRT technologies, assisting in the realisation of new DRT services

Tasks performed by the Department: Planning of a DRT system for a domestic region, evaluation

Duration: 2005-2007

Project partners: Cork City Counsil (IE); FEUP University of Porto (POR); University of Ghent (BE); Tuusula Municipality (FIN); ATF Angus Transport Forum (UK); SITA Spa (IT); Korsisaari (FIN); ETTS European Transport and Telematics Systems Ltd (IE); MEMEX MemEx S.r.l. (IT); TRITEL NV (BE)


3. Research tender

Type: Applied research

Aim: To conduct a complex impact assessment on the development of public transport and to establish a methodological framework for the demonstration and evaluation of impacts

Tasks performed by the Department: the entire project

Duration: 2001

Principals: Ministry of Environment



Contract research:


1. Contract Research

Type: Industrial commissions

Aim: To develop local public transport

Tasks performed by the Department: Surveying the state of local public transport of more than 20 cities and preparing development plan (including Győr, Szombathely, Veszprém, Dunaújváros, Tatabánya, Eger etc.)

Duration: 1990-2009

Principals: Transport service providers and local governments


2. The prospects of urban public transport service development with a model adapted to Zalaegerszeg

Type: Applied research

Aim: To review the methods of forecasting travel demand towards public transport systems and to model and evaluate those systems

Tasks performed by the Department: the entire project

Duration: 2008

Principals: Zala Volán Zrt


3. Contract Research

Type: Applied research

Aim: Taking accident-related factors into account when evaluating the development of public transport

Tasks performed by the Department: Determining the scale of the risk of accidents in public transport

Duration: 2004

Principals: Ministry of Transport


4. Contract Research

Type: Applied research

Aim: To create an intelligent management system based on telematics for the local public transport of Győr

Tasks performed by the Department: the entire project

Duration: 2006

Principals: Kisalföld Volán Zrt.


5. Contract Research

Type: Applied research

Aim: To develop models applicable to public transport services of regions with fragmented settlement structure, based on the example of Baranya county

Tasks performed by the Department: Developing the service model

Duration: 2008

Principals: Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy


6. Contract Research

Type: Applied research

Aim: To revise and modernise the public transport of Mosonmagyaróvár and its sub-region  using an innovative and holistic approach in order to improve economic efficiency and the level of service

Tasks performed by the Department: the entire project

Duration: 2007-2008

Principals: Ministry of Economy and Transport, Local Government of Mosonmagyaróvár, Micro-regional association of Mosonmagyaróvár, Kisalföld Volán Zrt. (transport service provider)


7. Contract Research

Type: Industrial commission

Aim: To support the technical reconstruction of railway line No. 30 by carrying out traffic and railway operational survey

Tasks performed by the Department: Conducting traffic/passenger count and performing technical and safety inspections

Duration: 2008

Principals: Ring Engineering Office



public transport, transport networks, transport-traffic modelling, railway operation, demand responsive transport systems



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